Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brent Corrigan Pénis Size

Jil's room

I have the dates JIL rooms remodeled a little ... where we have chosen the new details in common (thus not really ;-)). tadaaaa a surprise

The colors and the furniture remained the same (just a new chair has been added), and the walls were brighter. However, it looks
totally different!

The turquoise walls slightly beforehand - now white.

In the many boxes and crates are Jil's Accessories ... it is a bad hunter and collector.

The room looks just like a room by nem teen looks like ... the chairs are only for Ablgeflächen Piles of clothing, empty teacups stand around the bed, and all are decorative Schokoladenpapierchen draped around it.

But in the drawers + boxes + cans!
meticulous order.
Everything perfectly sized + colors.
all given very accurate.
If you could only pick up a cover like this ... BOAH.

ALSO OF MINE HAS NOT YOU! (Äh. .. and my husband's DEFINITELY not!)

In the room is really nice still vieeeeeel, unfortunately photos can be so bad :-(... + show under the slope rather dark ... and the wooden ceiling I can not!

No matter, you can watch it still intended to introduce a little ...

The bed is huge and is just middle of the room ...

Hopefully you can see the structure of the wallpaper a little ... Baroque model in offwhite on white background.

That was it already :-)!
way, I've bought up on the chair is nothing really new - the furniture is all of ebay or flea market ...
makes the Jil but for nothing ... on the contrary, just as she likes it :-)!


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